Pi & Phi MkII, Musiqual SE Release Announcement

The Second Generation of our audio plugins, Pi & Phi MkII and Musiqual Series SE is here!

Pi & Phi and the Musiqual Series plugins now incorporate iLok Cloud Activation (no physical iLok required).
Pi & Phi MkII comes with two new extra frequency bands to support the Super Low and Super High frequency range and some more cool features.
Compatibility and usability have been improved, according to your needs and requests, in order to exquisitely fit your workflow.

Musiqual Series SE
New Features

  • iLok Cloud Activation (no physical iLok Required, but still supported) 
  • 0.1 precision settings for Gain and Colour
  • 2 Activations Available per License
  • Bypass Button. This allows you to easily and quickly conduct A/B tests and drive your sound to perfection, without leaving the comfort of your plugin
  • Improved mono/stereo audio handling

Musiqual BLUE  is an exquisite EQ with 16 bands to choose from, forged from the experience gained over countless working hours on Class A analogue equipment.
Musiqual RED is an analogue tube flavoured, single band EQ. It possesses a strong Tube flavour, boasting 31 pre-set frequency bands very familiar to Tube enthusiasts, across generations.
Musiqual GREEN is a semi parametric EQ, delivering a fairly transparent sound with the Transistor flavour that is so characteristic of analogue technology.

Pi & Phi MkII
New Features

  • iLok Cloud Activation (no physical iLok Required, but still supported)
  • Two extra bands. SL to address the Super Low frequency range,  SH for the Super High frequencies
  • Bypass button for each individual band, in order to help you seamlessly make that little tweaks that will lead the way to the perfect result
  • Master Bypass button to allow immediate A/B tests
  • Global Reset button to initialise all controls with a single click
  • Even more precise control over each band, by allowing decimal gain values to be typed in each field (full control in parameter view)

Pi & Phi MkII, the second generation Pi & Phi, allows you to explore and unleash its full potential like never before! Pi & Phi (π & φ) is our landmark product, designed and destined to impress, and deliver. Innovation and a lifetime of experience, coupled with cutting edge technological expertise, are some of the ingredients that gave birth to this irreplaceable tool.


Combining Musiqual Red, Green and Blue can produce remarkable results. Our new FREE plugins MIA Fat, MIA Thin and MIA Muscle pose a characteristic example of this technique.

For further tips and examples visit our Youtube channel and our Soundcloud page.

We really appreciate your kind support! We all hope that you enjoy our new tools as much as we do and help you take your creativity, productivity and  overall results to a whole new level!

For any further questions / suggestions / reviews / issues etc., please feel free to contact us.


May the Sound be with you!

Mia Laboratories