Pi and Phi

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The basic elements that make up Pi & Phi are the numbers π and φ, omnipresent in our everyday reality.

  • Amplify sound content, while achieving minimum phase distortion
  • Create dimensional sound images
  • Bring out the sparkle from another dimension in your mix!


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Pi and Phi (π & φ) is our landmark product, designed and destined to impress, and deliver.

Innovation and a lifetime of experience, coupled with cutting edge technological expertise, are some of the ingredients that gave birth to this irreplaceable tool. The basic elements that make up π & φ are the actual numbers π and φ, omnipresent throughout our surrounding living environment. Through years of thorough digital signal processing research, the MIA Laboratory is now able to offer you something novel, and most importantly, unique.

We constructed  π & φ, with its ground-breaking and unique sound processing capabilities with one aim:  to deliver it to the world of sound engineers, sound enthusiasts and sound evangelists looking for the next level of innovation in the field of digital audio technology.

Words prove to be limited when trying to describe sound, in all its glory. The way is to let sound speak for itself.

Beyond its innovative and enhanced capabilities of simultaneous expansion, compression and EQ, π & φ offers a wide range of other functions: It enriches the mix and each of its separate contents with an overall acoustic effect that can only be described as super-enhanced vivacity and brio, with a warm yet powerful ‘sparkle’

The astonishing effect of π & φ can only be appreciated when heard, the closest description one could give verbally being, an overall result of ‘more!’ The outcome emphasizes musicality and amplitude in a psychoacoustic way, along with smoother analysis of harmonics.

It is a “Phase and Time EQ”, a theory based on the logarithmic perception of space-time fused in a plugin!

“…The first reaction I had to Pi and Phi was essentially ‘where have you been all my life?’ Pi and Phi takes my mixes and brings them across the finish line – I can add subtle or drastic EQ across the frequency spectrum, and regardless of how extreme I get it still sounds natural, phase-free, and not overstated…”
Mark Plati

“…really does what it says on the tin-whatever you put through it simply sounds better! It feels like you can reach inside the sound and the controls are very forgiving too…”

“…This plugin is a true gem! I’m mixing just in the box and the results have been amazing! Congratulations MIA laboratories…”
KVR Users

*Please check requirements on the “Additional Information” tab. This plug-in requires iLok 2nd generation or higher and iLok License Manager.
iLok is not provided with this purchase.
iLok License Manager can be downloaded here


Additional information


Requires iLok 2nd generation or higher

Supported Platforms

Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64 bit)
Mac OSX 10.7 – 10.13 (64 bit)

Supported plug-in hosts

Pro Tools 11-12, Logic Pro X, Cubase 5-9, REAPER 5, Ableton Live 9, Studio One

Supported plug-in formats

AAX (64-bit)