Pi and Phi MkIII

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Pi & Phi introduces a unique spectral processing technique, blending the magic of π and φ. Experience a “super-enhanced” acoustic effect, radiating warmth and power with a captivating sparkle.

  • Enrich your mix with minimum phase distortion
  • 10 Pi & Phi bands, along with “Super Low” and “Super High”
  • Solid low-end, with processing inherited from 358 Enhancer 


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The basic elements that make up π & φ are the actual numbers π and φ, omnipresent throughout our surrounding living environment. 

Pi & Phi harnesses the harmony of these special numbers to introduce an innovative method of spectral processing, resulting in an acoustic effect that’s described as “super-enhanced,” providing a warm yet powerful sound.

Pi & Phi MkIII boasts 10 bands covering frequencies from 80 Hz to 16 KHz, including “Super Low” and “Super High” bands to handle extreme frequencies.

This tool excels at enriching a mix and its individual components with minimal phase distortion, allowing users to precisely adjust the spectral balance according to the Golden Ratio.

Pi & Phi is particularly notable for its ability to “demask” sounds, making it ideal for helping instruments or vocals stand out in a busy mix.

Overall, it’s a highly effective and user-friendly tool, with minimal distortion even at extreme settings.



“Pi & Phi is truly unique and musical, I really like it”

– Dave Pensado –
Grammy Award-winning Mix Engineer

“…The first reaction I had to Pi and Phi was essentially ‘where have you been all my life?’ Pi and Phi takes my mixes and brings them across the finish line – I can add subtle or drastic EQ across the frequency spectrum, and regardless of how extreme I get it still sounds natural, phase-free, and not overstated…”
– Mark Plati –
Producer, Engineer, Musician

“…really does what it says on the tin-whatever you put through it simply sounds better! It feels like you can reach inside the sound and the controls are very forgiving too…”

“…This plugin is a true gem! I’m mixing just in the box and the results have been amazing! Congratulations MIA laboratories…”
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