Mixing is an Art

MIA Laboratories is committed to deliver the next level of virtual studio technology and digital signal processing solutions, that do justice to the Analogue heritage that gave birth to them. A heritage that we at MIA have spent a lifetime honouring. We have put in numerous hours of hard work, our undisputed passion for quality sound and our skills forged by decades of audio processing experience, to deliver audio products of finest quality! Learn more




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“Pi & Phi is truly unique and musical, I really like it”

Dave Pensado
Grammy Award-winning Mix Engineer

“…The first reaction I had to Pi and Phi was essentially ‘where have you been all my life?’…”

…Pi and Phi takes my mixes and brings them across the finish line…

“…The three Musiqual plugins open the door to infinite tonal possibilities…”
– Mark Plati –

“The 980 offers incredible colour variations and attitude for my mixes.
MIA are hitting it out the park. A must have… I love it. Now you try it !”

Ashley Smith
Mix Engineer / Producer
(Brad Whitford, Derek St. Holmes, Various Artists)