PRODUCTION EXPERT : MIA Laboratories 590 Dynamic EQ – Tested

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590 Dynamic EQ RELEASE

The 590 is a 5 band Dynamic EQ, offering dynamic equalisation under MIA Laboratories’ envelope detector, based on the analogue envelope detector circuit. It features parallel band compression or expansion under double precision processing and can be operated in x4 oversampling. “Colour” and “Distortion” can be applied to each band, delivering a characteristic analogue feel [...]

PRODUCTION EXPERT : How To Give Your Mixes A Lift Without Using Conventional EQ

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PRODUCTION EXPERT : We Check Out MIA Laboratories 413 Tape Saturator



Pi & Phi MkIII is here, introducing an innovative way of spectral processing!   The basic elements that make up π & φ are the actual numbers π and φ, omnipresent throughout our surrounding living environment. Pi & Phi utilizes the harmony of these magic numbers in order to introduce an innovative way of spectral processing, creating an [...]

413 Tape Saturator Release

We proudly announce the release of  413 Tape  Saturator!   The 413 Tape Saturator reproduces the non-linear characteristics that would result when overdriving analog tape, as magnetic saturation occurs with increasing amplitude of the ‘recorded’ signal. It offers 3 different types of Analog Tape, as well as 3 different types of distortion. The resulting effect [...]


We proudly announce the release of  980 SPARK   This plug-in was especially designed to help enrich and thicken audio content with minimum of effort, without compromising quality and usability. It is a handy tool for sound design, as well as a sophisticated saturation unit. All the controls are carefully selected with workflow in mind, [...]


We proudly announce the release of  358 ENHANCER   The 358 Enhancer is a single-stage, ‘straight-path’ process allowing control of the bass/treble frequency balance of a stereo mix or mono channel. It can be used in many applications requiring from slight to more drastic frequency balance correction, but unlike a conventional EQ or filter, the 358 [...]

Mark Plati on 925 Compressor and Pi&Phi


We proudly announce the release of our preferred Main mix - Buss Compressor: MIA Laboratories 925   Designed using physical modelling principles, based around the classic ‘feed-back’ topology in hardware circuit-design. The 925 side-chain detection stage is based on the analog envelope detector circuit.         Key design design features include: Variable knee [...]