Musiqual Series Presentation

We proudly introduce to you the Musiqual Series! A Series of "completely Musical" Single Band EQ's,  that can add to your sound the magic colour of the worshiped analogue Class A, Tube and Transistor equipment. Watch this introductory-explanatory video to explore the concept behind them. Download a FREE TRIAL to experience it your self here. [...]

Greetings and Welcome!

We proudly announce the release of our first set of products! 5 audio plug-ins that really stand out for their analogue taste! Our longstanding commitment and aim is to deliver virtual audio engineering solutions that actually do simulate traditional recording studio hardware equipment. As a team, we have put in numerous hours of hard work, our undisputed [...]

Mixing is an Art

We feel the aim is, and always has been clear. To evolve today's digital technology to match the unique psycho-acoustic effects of analogue sound. MIA Laboratories was thus founded on this principle. Fusing science, experience, knowledge and passion, MIA Laboratories can claim to be able to finally deliver the revered, if not worshiped analogue sound, [...]

MIA Laboratories – The story behind

One’s history as well as their experience and skills make up the iron cast of their passion, and guarantee their professionalism. They also ensure one’s commitment to always delivering quality results. Akis Golfidis, the main founder, coordinator and inspiring figure behind MIA Laboratories tends to avoid making grand statements about the work that distinguished him [...]