980 Spark is a handy tool for sound design, as well as a sophisticated saturation unit, featuring:

  • Compressor based on the analogue envelope detection circuit
  • 6 carefully developed EQ curves
  • 6 HQ saturation algorithms, with 8x oversampling
  • Combination of the three modules creates a unique spectrum of saturation effects

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980 SPARK:

980 Spark is a unit that consists of three modules: Compressor, Colour and Saturator.
This plugin was especially designed to help enrich and thicken audio content with minimum of effort, without compromising quality and usability. It is a handy tool for sound design, as well as a sophisticated saturation unit.

All the controls are carefully selected with workflow in mind, enabling the user to quickly achieve the desired result, while retaining the versatility of the plugin and allowing space for experimentation.

980 Spark is mostly suited for use during the production process, especially in electronic music  but also acoustic or live applications . Combining Compression, EQ and Saturation, allows control of the dynamic range and harmonic content of the sound.

The signal first runs  through the “Compressor” module, then through the “Colour” module  and finally into the “Saturator”.

This way, the first two stages (“Compressor” and “Colour”) essentially define the dynamic and spectral characteristics of the sound that will excite the Saturator, creating a unique spectrum of capabilities on the saturation effect.

The signal is upsampled 8 times before the saturation is applied, therefore minimizing aliasing as much as possible, while keeping CPU usage at acceptable levels.

“The 980 offers incredible colour variations and attitude for my mixes.
MIA are hitting it out the park. A must have… I love it. Now you try it !”

Ashley Smith
Mix Engineer / Producer
(Brad Whitford, Derek St. Holmes, Various Artists)

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iLok License Manager and iLok account required
Activation on iLok Cloud or
iLok 2nd generation or higher

Supported Platforms

Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Any intel based MacOS, 10.7 to 11.6

Supported plug-in hosts

Pro Tools 11+, Logic Pro X, Cubase 5+, REAPER 5+, Ableton Live 9+, Studio One, FL Studio

Supported plug-in formats

AAX (64-bit)
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