Pi & Phi MkIII is here, introducing an innovative way of spectral processing!


The basic elements that make up π & φ are the actual numbers π and φ, omnipresent throughout our surrounding living environment.

Pi & Phi utilizes the harmony of these magic numbers in order to introduce an innovative way of spectral processing, creating an acoustic effect that can be described as “super-enhanced”, with a warm yet powerful “sparkle”.

Pi & Phi MkIII features 10 bands that cover the frequencies from 80 Hz up to 16KHz, along with a “Super Low” and a “Super High” band to complement the extremes of the spectrum.

This tool is ultimately capable of enriching a mix and each of its separate components with minimum phase distortion, enabling the user to precisely shape the spectral balance as dictated by the Golden Ratio.

Pi & Phi also stands out for its “demasking” capabilities, as it is exceptionally suitable for making an instrument or vocal track ‘cut-through’ and stand-out from the rest, in an otherwise cluttered mix.


“The first reaction I had to Pi and Phi was essentially ‘where have you been all my life?’ Pi and Phi takes my mixes and brings them across the finish line – I can add subtle or drastic EQ across the frequency spectrum, and regardless of how extreme I get it still sounds natural, phase-free, and not overstated…””

Mark Plati
Musician / Record Producer
(David Bowie, Lou Reed, Fleetwood Mac)



  • VST3 support
  • Updated GUI
  • ‘Super Low’ band utilising the 358 Enhancer signal processing
  • Improved cpu performance
  • Input/Output analyzer
  • Input/Output meters
  • Improved ‘Super High’ band
  • Right – click to input values
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