MIA Laboratories – The story behind

One’s history as well as their experience and skills make up the iron cast of their passion, and guarantee their professionalism. They also ensure one’s commitment to always delivering quality results. Akis Golfidis, the main founder, coordinator and inspiring figure behind MIA Laboratories tends to avoid making grand statements about the work that distinguished him in the field of mixing and music production for almost four decades.

However, we at MIA Laboratories feel that despite this humble approach to self-presentation, the experience of Akis as a professional sound engineer/producer is worthy of mention. 16000 released tracks, over 37 years of experience in mixing, mastering, music production and sound processing, working with some of the greatest analogue gear ever constructed (the likes of Neve, Manley, Avalon, SSL, Studer, Harrisson, Tubetech and many more) and collaborating with such a wide and diverse range of elite, widely acknowledged, and respected artists from across the globe. This is the guy that has lived and breathed sound all his life. We felt he could offer the digital sound processing field his unique expertise.

To cut a very inspiring and long sound engineer’s story short, Akis describes himself discovering sound processing in all its glory around 1980. It ignited a flame inside him and initiated a journey that has kept him going strong until now. At some point along this path, digital sound processing technology made its appearance, taking the audio engineering community to different trails, offering ‘easier’ and more cost-effective solutions to sound professionals and audio enthusiasts worldwide.

As with every advancement, there was a cost, and in this instance the cost appeared to often be the quality of the outcome. Former generations of sound engineers largely accepted the shift, though debates ignited in the analogue-digital arena. These debates have kept going since, providing food for thought and a constructive dialogue we believe should be at the heart of every self-respecting and constantly evolving community out there.

We feel the aim is, and always has been clear. To evolve this digital technology to match, dare we say perhaps someday surpass, the unique psychoacoustic effects of analogue sound. MIA Laboratories was thus founded on this principle. It provides a thinking hub and an intellectual home to like-minded highly skilled professionals, across a wide range of specialties related to sound. A hub for one of the most innovative, cutting edge and daring projects in the history of digital sound.

Each of the professionals forming the core team of MIA Laboratories, brings their own unique skills to the team. Through endless hours of consulting with Akis, they have together succeeded in interpreting his deep knowledge of analogue sound processing, to digital signal processing programming language.

The MIA Laboratories team  remains committed to an inspiring life challenge of the kind that makes life worth living: to explore and stretch the capabilities of digital sound processing technology to the cutting edge. Following two long years of strenuous research, rigorous testing, never-ending days and nights of debate, calculations and hands-on ‘listening’, ‘re-modelling’ and ‘re-listening’, we have succeeded in what we set out to achieve. Fusing science, experience, knowledge and passion, MIA Laboratories can claim to be able to finally deliver the revered, if not worshipped analogue sound, through digital processing. The first among a series of next-level audio processing software tools.

This first series is only the beginning. The testing, the research, the debates and the passion that has characterized our work and lives over the past few years, has only increased. Watch this space as our mission continues and will take both you and ourselves to new levels and wider sound horizons.

May the Sound be with You.